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DUI/Substance Abuse
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Reflection Family Services, Inc. is a Licensed Certifed Behavioral Health Agency.

Reflection Family Services, Inc. Substance Abuse Program is adapted from several established programs. 
Research on users of Interactive Journals suggest that journaling helps people stay clean and sober longer; journaling allows people to share their feelings more honertly; journaling helps people make changes in thier drinking and drving behaviors.
Experientail Techniques assist the participant in exploring their feelings, thought, and behaviors relevant to the "HERE and NOW" and "QUALITY of LIFE" issues.
12-step particpation is incorporated in the curriculum to promote the ideas of fellowship, support, recover and step-work

RFSI now offers INTENSIVE outpatient treatment.  Particpants are required to attend 2-3 times per week done individually and in group sessions. 

All group session require a $25-$40 Intake Evaluation Fee prior to begenning group sessions please call to schedule this appointment

Substance Abuse Groups

Wednesday 4-6 $25 (DUI only)
Wednesday 6-8 $25
Thursday- 4-6 $25
Thursday 6-8 $25 (DUI only)

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