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Domestic Violence/Anger Management
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Reflection Family Services, Inc. is a Licensed Certifed Behavioral Health Agency.  RFSI is the first treatment facility certified by the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Services as a provider for court-ordered misdemeanor domestic violence offenders.

The definition of domestic violence is emotional abuse, physical abuse, or sexual abuse between people who have at some time had an intimate or family relationship.

   Reflection Family Services Inc. Goals & Objectives
Goals are to provide quality service provided by dedicated professional staff.
Objectives are to learn how to effectively stop the cycle of violence, learn skills and techniques to identify and reduce anger responses & learn skills and techniques to reduce the potential for future domestic violence incidents
The National Domestic Violence Hotline Webstite: 

Program Criteria & Curriculum

All group session require a $25-$40 Intake Evaluation Fee prior to begenning group sessions please call to schedule this appointment
Spanish Group Monday 4-5:30 $20 per session
Monday 10-12:00 $25 per session
Monday 5:30-7 $20 per session
Tuesday 5-7 $25 per session
Wednesday 5-6:30 $20 per session
Wednesday-6:30-8 $20 per session

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