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Adolescent/Juvnile Services
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Reflection Family Services, Inc. is a Licensed Certified Behavioral Health Agency.

Juvenile Probation Clients are referred for a 10 program session designed to decrease criminal behavior.  The Program is seperated into three cycles including chemical dependency education and intervention, anger management skills, and making lifestyle choices.

All non-probation referred juveniles shall call for an appointment.  Individual session are $50 and Family sessions are $60

The Juvenile Treatment Intervention Program objectives are to focus on modifying the impulsive, egocentric, illogical and rigid thinking of offenders ar=nd teaching them to stop and think before acting.  Also teaching the individual client to consider the impact of their behavior on other people (including victims), skills to identify and reduce anger responses, and learning skills and techniques to reduce the potential for future domestic violence incidents.  The Substance Abuse Program provides education n the areas of addiction dynamics/processes and acquiring skills necessary to promote/maintain abstinence from mind/mood altering substances.  

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