Domestic Violence/Anger Management

Domestic Violence/Anger Management
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General Information
Cognitive Skills

The Domestic Violence/Anger Management curriculum is composed of the following segments:

Introduction/Orientation to the RFSI Program
Recognizing our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors
Gaining better understanding of ourselves
Understanding violence through our attitudes, beliefs and behaviors
Recognizing domestic violence
Cycle of violence
Anger dyscontrol
Tatics of control
Improving communications skills
Parenting Education
Relationship rebuilding
Alcohol & other drugs (AOD)
Effects of violence on family and children
Personal Devlopment
The Domestic Violence/Anger Managment program at RFSI is provided in a bilingual/bicultural enviornment.  All materials are adapted to be cultural/gender sensitive and relevant to populations that we service.

Clients will learn to effectively stop the cycle of violence.  Learn skills and techniques to identify and reduce violent anger responses and learn skills and techniques to reduce the potential for future violence incidents.

All group sessions require a $25-$40 intake evaluation fee prior to starting group.  Please call to schedule this appointment.

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